Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Michiana Covenant Academy seeks to encourage, support and build up a community of Christian homeschool families by offering a variety of learning opportunities to enhance the homeschooling experience in a cooperative environment. Our prayer is that the Academy, relying on God’s power and grace, may be a support to you and your family.

Our Vision

Michiana Covenant Academy offers supplemental classes for grades K-12 for home schooling families.

The classes for K-2 consist of Art and Music, two extracurricular courses to enrich your homeschool day.  These classes are held after lunch. Academic classes are added to the enrichment classes for grades 3-5, and finish in the mid-afternoon.  Our grade 6-8 classes are taught all day, beginning Spanish language instruction. Students in grades 9-12 will find an academically challenging range of classes throughout the day.

Many of our students have been admitted to the college of their choice with academic scholarships.

For some reading that has influenced our thinking in what we are trying to do at MCA:

Cornelius Van Til, “The Reformed View of Education

Peter Wallace, “Parochial or Sectarian: The Old School Alternative to Secularized Education


Michiana Covenant Academy began to take shape in the summer of 2006 around several home school families at Michiana Covenant Presbyterian Church, PCA who wanted to develop a tutorial service that could provide superior academic opportunities for their children — and serve the community as well.


In the summer of 2007, the elders of MCPC appointed a board to take care of the day-to-day affairs of the Academy, and on September 26, 2007, “Michiana Covenant Co-Op” opened its doors with 10 families participating. The name caused some confusion (since we are not a co-op) and so we changed the name the following year, becoming known as “Michiana Covenant Academy.” By the fall of 2010 there were 59 students from 37 families taking classes at MCA — with only four of those families coming from MCPC.

The Academy was ably administered by Libby Stoeber from 2007-2010, and since 2010 by Sally Hanson. The board consists of 5-9 members appointed by the elders of Michiana Covenant PCA, who provide oversight over the Academy.