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Michiana Covenant Academy Student Handbook

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Michiana Covenant Academy is designed to serve homeschoolers by offering academic classes by qualified teachers for students in grades K-12. We offer three 10 week trimesters of classes. We are under the oversight of Michiana Covenant Presbyterian Church and have been granted the privilege of using their facilities.


  • Only registered, paid students will be allowed to attend classes.
  • Parents may observe a class period only through prior arrangement with said teacher.
  • Siblings of students or children of the teacher or their aide will not be allowed in the classroom unless they are a paid participant.
  • Students will be in their designated seat and ready to begin 2 minutes before class begins. A fine will be assessed on the third late class entrance and all successive occurrences per class. A written warning will be given the first 2 times.
  • Snow days will be announced on WNDU channel 16 if necessary. We are unable to make up for missed days.

Sign in/out:
• Parent or parent assigned adult/teen will physically enter the building and sign each of their registered students in no more than 15 minutes prior to class.
• Parent must submit “Parent Authorization Form” at time of registration or to the Administrator prior to pick up date.
• They will pick up and sign out said students out no later than 15 minutes after class.

Late Fees:
• Late fees will be assessed on the third tardy (Applicable for pick up or drop off).
• A fee of $5.00 will be assessed the first time, $10.00 the second and each following tardy will be increased by $5.00.
• Fee must be paid at sign in before attending the next class.
• All Fees are paid to the Administrator.

• Please inform the Administrator of all absences, both planned and sudden. If children are to be absent (e.g. vacation) let their teachers know in advance.
• Parents should not bring children with obvious signs of illness (fever, rash, serious cough, colored nasal discharge, vomiting, diarrhea, etc). Children may attend once symptoms have subsided for 24 hours.
• If a teacher is ill, they need to notify the Administrator, who will arrange for a substitute. If a substitute is unavailable, then students will be placed in study hall.

• The board will consist of the administrator, one member of the Church elders, one deacon if available and at least 2 parents as a minimum (a teacher is eligible to serve on the board).
• The board will be elected by the Church elders and will serve for renewable 2 year terms.
• The administrator will be elected by the Church elders and may serve for renewable 3 year terms.
• The Church elders can renew the term of any board member or administrator with mutual consent.
• All teachers must be approved by the Church elders and all classes must be board approved.
• The Church elders of Michiana Covenant Presbyterian Church have final authority under God for any issue irresolvable by the Administrator and the Board.
• All changes to these forms will be submitted to the Church elders.
• All meetings will have minutes which are to be submitted to the Church elders after each meeting.

Student Responsibilities:

General Principles:
When asked which was the greatest commandment in the Law, Jesus answered, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments depend all the Law and the Prophets” (Matthew 22:37-40).

• People. Since all people are created in the image of God, students are to be respectful of their teachers, their fellow students, and other people at all times, both verbally and physically. Words or actions that are designed to intimidate, bully, or harass others are not acceptable.

• Property. Since we are stewards of creation, students are to be respectful both of church property, as well as the belongings of others. This includes clean up after each activity. Do not run or roughhouse inside the building.

• What to Do. When someone else is acting inappropriately towards another person, love of neighbor requires that we take action. If you witness inappropriate behavior or language, either directed against you or others, please either speak with the person, and/or report it to a teacher. If the behavior or language does not stop, see the Discipline section below.

— in the Classroom:
• Students are responsible for all assigned homework.
• Bring only those materials which are required for said class.
• Students will need access to e-mail and internet for many classes. See individual teachers if there is a problem.

— other Settings:
• Students will dress modestly, which includes but is not limited to: shirts to the shoulder, messages on clothing, length of clothing and hats removed in the building.
• No gum is allowed on the premises. Food and drink is allowed during break time in designated spaces only.
• Breaks between classes are for restroom use and arriving promptly for the next class.
• A lunch time is available for students from 11:50-12:20. There are no heating or cooling options available for lunches so please pack accordingly.
• Students will be allowed outside behind the building during lunch on days when we have a volunteer adult supervisor. Otherwise, they are to remain in the building.
• Lunch time will end at 12:20 and students are to clean up after themselves and prepare for the 12:30 class.
• Study Hall is designed for study. No playing games, eating or talking is permitted. Please observe the directions of the study hall monitor.

• Discipline will be reserved for serious and/or repeated infractions.
• If a student ignores/resists the direction of a teacher/Academy staff, the student may be removed from the classroom and the parent will be notified.
• A meeting will be held immediately with the student, parent, and teacher/staff member to discuss the situation. The goal of all such meetings will be reconciliation based on repentance and forgiveness, so that offenders recognize the harmfulness of their actions, and begin to establish new patterns.
• If such a meeting does not produce satisfactory results, a parent can request a meeting with the teacher, administrator and an elder from Michiana Covenant Presbyterian Church, together with a representative of your faith community (if desired).
• If acceptable reconciliation does not occur, the student will be suspended from the Academy. Authorization from the administrator will be required prior to the student attending any further classes at the Academy.

Academic Probation:
• A teacher should notify the parents and the administrator as soon as a student is failing a class.
• A student who fails a class may be placed on academic probation by a teacher for said class for the following trimester.
• If a student is placed on academic probation, the teacher will notify the parents and the administrator.
• After failing two consecutive trimesters a student may be denied enrollment in said class for the following trimester.
• A student who plagiarizes may be placed on academic probation and may receive a failing grade on plagiarized assignment.

Plagiarism is defined as 1) copying directly from a text of any form without reference to the author and text. Simply replacing a few words, using a few sentences, or copying a complete paragraph without reference is considered plagiarism. 2) The use of any electronic sources without reference to the original source so as to suggest that it is the student’s own work. 3) A direct facsimile of an image without acknowledgment of its source. For more clarification please see:

Academy Fees:
• A non-refundable registration fee of $60.00 per family is due at registration and payable only once per academic school year, late registration fee is $75.00.
• Each Course fee is $90.00 and each Lab fee is $55.00 per student per 10 week trimester. If a family registers for 6 or more classes (not including labs) then the price for all classes is $85.00 instead of $90.00. After registration has closed the course fee is $115.00 per student per class regardless of the number of classes.
• Monitored Study Hall is available at no additional charge to students who have signed up for at least four other classes/labs. If a student is enrolled in fewer than four classes/labs, then a $25.00 fee per study hall per trimester is applicable.
• Material Fees may be applicable and are stated on the course description. They will not exceed $5.00 per student per course.
• At time of registration, the registration fee (if applicable), all material fees and 50% of each Course fee is due. The remaining 50% is due prior to the 4th week of class.

Rev 7/2014